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We are running an experiment with the login window on the website, have three groups now.
Experiment details:


Now I want to let users on the pc web side see “pictureb”, and mobile web users see “control”, so we set the “Rule Based User Segments” 



The mobile side can still see the pictureb, we tried to clear the cache and other operations but it didn't work

Therefore, could you help us to find out the reason.

If any questions please let me know.

Thank you


Best answer by Denis Holmes 31 May 2022, 10:43

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Hi @xiaomeng.zhang ,


Thanks for writing in! I could not see the second image and only the first, can you try to upload the first again? Regardless, In this case, if the user is on the latest version of SDKs, calling the function getVariant will automatically trigger the $exposure event and if you are not calling it, you need to manually send it. 

So I would be ensure to call getVariant so that you can ensure the right user is getting exposed to the correct segment. You can read about it more here in our documentation.

Kind Regards,


Hi @Denis Holmes ,

Thanks for reply, we will have a try, but we cannot read the doc you put above, it’s 404 on our side, can you send us again?



Bai Yang

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Hi @BaiYang ,


There was a + at the end, my apologies! Here is the link!