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  • 12 June 2024
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Join our cohort of other users who are ready to take their Amplitude practice to the next-level. We'll try new things together, share wins, and keep unlocking this new skill!


This is your space to meet other Amplitude users who are solving the same problems as you, and exchange ideas with them.


👉 Here’s what you can get from this group:

  1. Chat easily with other users in the dedicated Slack channel.
  2. Regular calls to chat live in order to discuss and share our work. You should join when you can! Sign up here to get call details.
  3. Amplitude 101 and getting started tips and tricks on this resources page. We’ll keep adding to this page as more users share their best practices and gems they’re learning along the way.
  4. Expert-led mini-courses and help in Slack. We’ll bring in excellent practitioners from time to time to lead the group in new ways to solve common marketing challenges. Expect lots of hands-on practice and actionable tips you can apply immediately to your work.


And that’s it! Pretty cool, right? 😊


Ready to meet more users? Start by joining our dedicated Slack channel:


Finally, be sure to join the group to get updates on upcoming events and when new content is posted!


I’m really glad we’re in this group together and excited to chat more. 🙌



Esther Trapadoux

Head of Community, Amplitude

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