When should you use “Array” vs. “Enum” as a property type in your Tracking Plan?

  • 7 March 2023
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Within your Amplitude Tracking Plan, you can set to ensure that your property values adhere to your planned data expectations. One way is to set specific property types that dictate the format of the property values sent to Amplitude

Users often ask when is the best time to use “Array” vs. “Enum” as a property type?

It’s important to note that that arrays and enums are not interchangeable. An array accepts a list of items while an enum accepts a single item from a predefined list.

From a data health perspective, I would always lean towards using enums where possible in your tracking. The options are finite and therefore if an incorrect value is sent in, Amplitude can surface the error and flag it in the Tracking Plan UI.

Lastly, you can always update the enum at anytime to include new values if you are expecting the list of values to change.

For more information on how to use the Tracking Plan, check out our article here.

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