User properties but based on device_id not user_id

  • 30 June 2022
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Hi Amplitude community,

I want to push some device-related information on a certain event (i.e., screen_width, app_setting, etc). At this point, I think the sticking behaviour (fired as event_properties on following events) of user_properties handle this use case well enough, but it won’t work well with a user that have multiple device (it will stick on user_id instead of device_id, but CMIIW).

Therefore, anyone now the best way to have a “device_properties” instead of “user_properties”?




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Hi @Lau - thank you for writing into the Amplitude Community!

So if I’m understanding correctly, you’d like to send device information with events. Is this right? At the moment, Amplitude does not support device properties. Right now events can be sent with event properties, user properties, and group properties (if you have the Accounts add-on).

Event properties: event properties are attributes of a particular event. The values they contain are current for the moment at which the event was triggered. For example, the event JoinCommunity  could have an event property of  Type , which denotes the kind of community joined at the time of that event.

User properties: user properties are the attributes of individual users. Common user properties include device type, location, User ID, and whether the user is a paying customer or not. An attribute can reflect either current or previous values, depending on its nature and how often it is updated. You do not have to send custom user properties with every event. Once a user property is set, its value will persist, and Amplitude will apply it to all subsequent events until the value is changed.

More on how Amplitude manages event & user properties here.

I hope this information helps!