Unable to delete valid user via API

  • 5 January 2024
  • 2 replies

Hi Team, our service makes request to Amplitude Delete API by first finding user details then submitting a delete request. Despite the fact we receive valid userId and amplitudeId from findUser API, the Delete API returns “Nothing scheduled due to invalid amplitude/user ids for org...” We have retried this Delete API call > 10 times. 

Furthermore, when this has happened in the past, subsequent calls to the Delete API were successful in the 2nd try. So the team is unsure of how to proceed.

Might the team have any insight? 

2 replies

Our team is experiencing this behavior as well. Furthermore, sending deletion requests for user_ids that have raised no issues in the past now give the same 400 error.

@Andrew S might be issue on backend. Our team opened up a ticket with support and got our issue resolved. Response from support said any response like “Nothing scheduled due to invalid amplitude/user ids for org” with valid amplitude/user id requires a ticket with support