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  • 5 October 2022
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I have read various articles and posts here but have not yet found an answer/concrete example of a full workflow using environments, and I also have many additional questions regarding best practices.


Say I want to have two environments, development and production. I can assign a project to each of these. How to I promote event definitions from the development project to the production project? do I have to manually recreate all changes?


Can I have 3 environments?


Can I move event and property definitions between organisations?


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3 replies

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Hi @KatSharp ,


Thanks for writing into the Community! For best practices, I would recommend a read through our Data Taxonomy Playbook here. You would have to manually create the events in the new project, send in events with the same name or you could bulk edit your schema with the CSV but this does require an add-on. If you want to have the exact same events and data (that is already ingested in one project) into different projects, you could use the Export API to export all data and events from one project and inject them into another. This would be injecting the exact same data, events and payloads though.


You can have as many project as you, one for each environment, as long as you do not go over your monthly event limit. For different organizations, you would need to manually create the names and events and properties again. Unless you wanted to import all the same data, including users data and event data, then you could do as above.


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thanks, I finally realise after playing around that if you use the amplitude production/development feature then the two projects are always in sync. It isn’t that obvious from the documentation. This actually doesn’t seem that great as it means in order to test events you always have your changes applied to production events (or am I missing something?)


I have opted to go one project for each env, as we have 3 envs, and unfortunately that means some manual download/uplaod.


I think amplitude could improve its documentation and features here

@KatSharp How do you find the amplitude production/development feature? I am struggling with the same issue that the production & development are out of sync