How does the environments section work with projects

  • 7 April 2022
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On the Amplitude Data page, when I’m on a project I can go to settings and set a production and development environment. But it’s confusing when I select the dropdown because it seems like each environment can correspond to one project but having multiple projects means you can specify environments for each project.


So my question is:

How am I actually supposed to use the environments section to specify a specific production environment and testing environment? If I want to specify a testing environment and a production environment am I supposed to create two separate projects?


And yes I have read the following article but I am still confused.


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Hello @gsw1,

Have you taken the Data course that are wonderful Education Team put together? Here is a quick link. This would definitely help you get started with Amplitude Data.


The Environment section allows you to chose 2 projects:

  1. The production project - This is your true tracking plan and what is used to do analysis in Amplitude.
  2. The development project - This is your test instance when a change is made in your tracking plan. This is to push customers to test their tracking plan before pushing to production.

Yes, if you want to specify a production and development project you will need to have/create two projects in Analytics.


In the below screenshot, I have two projects with an identical name as follows, 

Personal Project - Production

Personal Project - Development 


Once you have set the projects above, you can then leverage the Tracking Plan feature to switch between Production and Development.



I am trying to create Prod and Dev environments under my project , but get an error “Please select a different project for each environment.” Could you help with this, how to create dev environments?


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I’m having same issue as @Julia.  The docs and answer above from @eddie.gaona indicates that a given project can have multiple environments within it. This logically makes sense to me instead of using a project for each environment.

But like @Julia, I’m having same errors. Amplitude is telling me that each environment needs a unique project.