How do you get up to speed on your data taxonomy?

  • 18 March 2023
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Maybe you aren’t familiar with what each event is for and how to use it in charts. Here are some quick tips to get up to speed fast: 

  1. Use Amplitude’s event explorer Chrome Plugin to see what events are firing in Amplitude as you interact with your product live.

  2. Go to a user profile on the user lookup page and scroll down to the User Properties section. Here you’ll see the various user properties your team tracks for each user. 

  3. Search for events in Amplitude’s Data (previously Govern) section to see all the events and properties your team tracks.  You can see event meta data in Data including descriptions, tags, owners, etc.

For more information as you get up and running, explore our getting started resources and the Getting Started with Amplitude Data course in our Academy.

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