Create custom event grayed out because "pending changes", but I've never changed anything

  • 16 June 2022
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I just opened Amplitude Data for the first time, and the “Create Custom Event” link is grayed out. When I hover over it, the tooltip says “Please publish pending changes before creating a custom event”. But I’ve not made any changes. I’ve never used Amplitude Data before, so I’m not sure how I could have any pending changes.

Could this be complaining about pending changes from some other user? If so, how can I figure out which user made those changes so I can hassle them to save their changes?



Best answer by Thao Nguyen 22 June 2022, 16:03

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3 replies

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Hi @justingrant,

Thank you for writing in! This is Thao from Amplitude Support. Happy to help!


I am going to reach out to you over email on this issue!


Best regards,


Hey @Thao Nguyen,


We’re facing the same issue as @justingrant described.

Can you please share the solution here?

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Hi @nir, thank you for your post! Of course, allow me to share the troubleshooting steps as follows.

  1. Go to your Amplitude Data at the link
  2. In the top left corner of the screen, please check if any pending changes need to be updated.
  3. Click “Publish changes” to review the pending changes and publish/or discard them
  4. The option to create an custom event will be active again 

Here is an article about Data FAQ for your reference.

Hope this helps!