Accidentally deleted a project, support bounces back

  • 2 February 2023
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Who do I need to reach out to in order to get a project restored? Have tried submitting a ticket but it keeps bouncing 


Best answer by jmagg 6 February 2023, 03:03

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10 replies

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Hi @Richs86 - You should be able to email (I’m assuming you’re on a paid plan, not sure if this applies to free tier).



No, starter plan :-/

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Hi @Richs86 -- I can help you out with this! I’ll DM you now.

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Hi @Richs86 ! Please check your email inbox as we reached out to confirm which projects you would like to undelete. Please respond back to that email confirming whether the project IDs listed are correct. Based on your email, there seemed to be two projects you would like to restore. 

Hi @belinda.chiu , have just sent you a DM



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Thank you so much for jumping in here @belinda.chiu.

@Richs86 -- having a look at the Projects tab within your org settings, I can see the desired project has been restored.

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Thanks for the help here @jmagg 😃

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@belinda.chiu it seems that I have the same problem, could you help me on this (or guide me on how I might be able to solve this?)


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Thanks for posting here @Lau. We just notified the team that you’re having a similar issue.

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Hi @Lau - I just sent you an email via Zendesk. Looking forward to hearing back from you!