Wix hosted site not firing events not firing since 4/28?



I have a site hosted on Wix that was firing events via the Browser SDK the week of 4/24, but stopped on 4/28. I have been unable to get anything to fire since then?


I re-copied the SDK JS to the header injection on WIX but nothing? I am a Amplitude newbie.


Any ideas?






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@JRS_AMPLI welcome to the community! It sounds like you're running into some issues embedding the JS SDK snippet into your Wix website. Have you had the chance to look through this document?
If no, I'd recommend following the steps outlined in that document. If yes, would you mind letting me know where you are running into issues? Any additional context/screenshots of error messages would be helpful!


Thanks for the response. I reviewed that document, but I am still not getting any data ingested into Amplitude. What is strange is that I was collecting SDK default events until 4/28, but it suddenly stopped? I tried different browsers, private mode etc. So, I am not sure why the browser SDK is not working anymore on Wix? Is there someone in the community that can please help?




Did you ever get this fixed? I have been trying to set up Amplitude on my wix site for a week and their documentation doesn't seem to be correct. At least if it is, its not clear as to what i am supposed to do.

When i publish a test site i get the “page viewed” event but nothing else. no matter what i do i cant get any other events to fire off.