Why is Amplitude "missing" some events compared to GA4, with same GTM implementation?

  • 2 March 2023
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I can’t figure out an issue I’m having: Amplitude is not accounting for all the events I’m tracking in GA4. So, my funnels are completely off.

My configuration is the following:

  • I have an ecommerce site on wordpress, and I have Google Tag Manager set up on it
  • The site “shoots” events to the data layer, following the GA4 logic / syntax (so, triggered simply on all events that match the regex: “view_item|view_item_list|select_item|add_to_cart|remove_from_cart|view_cart|begin_checkout|add_payment_info|add_shipping_info|purchase”
  • GA4 is configured to init on all “Page View” in GTM, and trigger a GA4 event on all events that are shot by the site to the data layer, so that they end up posted in GA4

And all of this is working fine.

To set up Amplitude I did the following:

  • Used the GTM Template
  • Did the “init” the same as for GA4: on every “Page View”
  • Did the posting of the events the same as for GA4: same trigger (so, on all events “view_item|view_item_list|select_item|add_to_cart|remove_from_cart|view_cart|begin_checkout|add_payment_info|add_shipping_info|purchase”)

Even though it’s the same configuration, over a given period of time I get way fewer “users” on those events (like 20 times less users purchasing on Amplitude). So, it’s not that I’m not getting the events, either I’m not getting all of them, either some of the users are “screened”. That’s very very weird.

Any ideas?

6 replies

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Thanks for sending these details @nblaisot. Were you able to make progress? We recently released this helpful overview to set up our GTM template. Let us know if you need some additional help! 


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No I haven’t been able to make progress so far. I’ll have a look at your link, thank you! But for now my funnels in GA4 seem to make more sense than the ones in Amplitude

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Hey @nblaisot : Is your implementation entirely data layer events for GA4 or are you using Enhanced Measurement as well? Just trying to get a better understanding of your implementation :)

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My implementation is like the one for GA4 so relying entirely on data layer events. I do not know what “Enhanced Measurement” is/means actually :/ 

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@nblaisot : How is the site shooting events to the data layer? 

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Thanks for jumping in @r0bbieWa11ace 😀

@nblaisot Do you need additional support?