Using Cohorts with Groups

  • 17 April 2023
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I'd like to create a cohort that basically shows me all my Organizations with >1 account. I've attached a screenshot of the event schema in Segment. When I create a cohort, it only allows me to select "Users" or "group(s)" , but I'd like to select "OrgAlias".






1 reply

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@AnthonyV great question (and apologies for the long delay getting back to you, the team is a bit behind but we’re quickly catching up). We do offer account-level reporting but it’s typically an add-on on the plus, growth, and enterprise plans.


Another option is to map the “orgalias” property as a user property. In segment, “OrgAlias” is under the metric event (your screenshot reflects this, too) so it comes through to Amplitude as an event property. This requires a bit of work on both the Amplitude and Segment platform sides to remap this properly. Let me find someone from our technical team to jump in here and help out.