user does not appear in segmentation

  • 10 March 2023
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I have a new user that was previously anonymous but signed in as was assigned a user id.


If I create a New User chart, I see the user from the user stream, navigate to the user lookup page.

However, when I create an Any Event segmentation chart that should include the user based on a recognized (logged in) user property, the user does not appear in the segmentation change for Any Event.

Looking at the user in User Lookup i see the user property I’m attempting to segment on, however, when looking at the individual events in the stream or on the User Lookup page, none of the events contains the user property even it shows up under “… See all other user properties”


Some additional information that may or may not be relevant

The user triggered 10 events within a 6 second timeframe. 8 of those events were anonymous.



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Thanks for posting here @heyseyi. Were you able to make progress? Here are some posts that might help as you dive deeper. Please keep us posted if you need more help.


I’m having the same issue. We did a large batch of identify calls, but while these user properties and values are viewable in User-Lookup they don’t show up in segmentations, or in the user stream.