Track Use of Accessibility / Assistive Technology

  • 24 February 2022
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Has anyone implemented a way to capture when assistive technologies / accessibility tools are active for a user? For example, a true/false or discrete value saved into a User Property? This would be to track if a user was utilizing a screen reader, speech navigation tool, voice over on a mobile device, zoom level change, etc.? In my case this is for a webpage application - so running in a browser - which I know limits what information is accessible.


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3 replies

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Hey @JPursell 

Capturing these as an array user property might help.

e.g. You can define a user property like active_accessibility_tools

User A has active_accessibility_tools = [ “screen reader”, “speech navigation tool”]

User B has active_accessibility_tools = [ “screen reader”, “speech navigation tool”, “zoom level change”]


Hey @JPursell ,


We have a B2B platform and we’re currently making some of our wokflows accessible. However, our Accessibility Consultant raised that there might be some compliance barriers to tracking if users are using assistive technologies. Do you have other customers that have faced such problems? Are you aware if this can be an issue/sensitive topic?

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I’m also interested in this topic. Similar to @Desislava Tileva mentioned, we have a B2B platform and would like to know when assistive technology or any of our A11y improvements to our user interface have been utilized. If we come up with anything, I’ll post our ideas here.