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  • 20 June 2022
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Good day!
There is a question about subscription analytics in the iOS app.
According to this documentation
( )
it is possible to verify Track in-app purchases (IAPs)
if Enable revenue verification is enabled.
To do this, add iTunes Connect In App Purchase Shared Secret in the Amplitude settings.

I have 2 questions.
1. Is this relevant for subscriptions? The convert, renew, cancel, refund events will then appear in the Amplitude, or is it just a server solution that should be ours?
2. Could not find in the Amplitude settings on the site where to add iTunes Connect In App Purchase Shared Secret. Could you show the URL or the screen.


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Hey @Mike454545

  1. From what I understand from the docs, you can choose to send your revenue events like the amplitude_logo.png Revenue events ( using the SDK’s logRevenueV2 function) or send with the relevant event name of your choice with $revenue property for that to be considered as a revenue event. You can also use the $revenueType event property on those to further identify them as refunds/renewals, upsell etc depending on your event logic. Read more on revenue events on iOS SDK here.
  1. Go to Data Sources tab of your project and hit “I want to import data into Amplitude”
    Data Sources → I want to import data into Amplitude

    Locate iTunes

          Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly. Hope this helps.