Somed users that signed up are missing

  • 3 November 2022
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Hey guys!


I’ve been having this problem with amplitude for while and wanted some help.


Our product recently launched it’s trial version in an attempt to explore the PLG strategy. With that in mind, we wanted to keep an eye on every detail about our new trial users, from their journey and their behaviour.


Problem is, we are having some inconsistencies with our data coming from Amplitude, because some users that access our trial just aren’t registered inside Amplitude, even tough they signed up successfully. I don’t have the exact numbers in hand right now, but at least 20 users show up on our databse, but are nowhere to be found on Amplitude.


And it’s isn’t a case of segmentations. These users don’t even show up on user look-up! My first gut feeling is that those users don’t stick around after signing up long enough to Amplitude to catch some event, but I can’t really be sure about that.

2 replies

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Hi @vbranndo - hope to help with this! When you say users sign up for a trial & this information is not showing in Amplitude, are you sending this Sign In event (or something like it) to Amplitude? If no, then there’s no way for Amplitude to track this action. Curious to hear more!

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Hi @vbranndo We hope all is well. Checking in, were you able to make progress here?