Some events are missing from tracking ()

  • 19 May 2023
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We are facing some issues for certain events to show up in Analytics or Data. Almost all events go through just fine, however, certain events do not show up anywhere. I have debugged the SDK (we are using and call to is returning 200 and response body success.

  1. No error requests in Ingestion Debugger at all 
  2. No Drop/Block filters are configured 
  3. All Schema Settings are set to “Mark as unexpected”

Are there any other places events can be filtered/blocked?

2 replies

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@topol thanks for writing in about this and welcome to the community! I’ve asked another member of the team to look into this for you but also want to confirm whether you still do not see the events showing up. There is a time delay that can sometimes occur and that will delay some event processing.

Thank you, Esther! I have double checked and I do not see any of the test events showing up (those that I debugged manually and that resulted in 200 success response).