Set Client Event Time to be future timestamp

  • 20 December 2022
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Hi team,
Can I set the `time` key to be newer than `now`?
For example, `now` is 2022/Dec/20, I would like to set the `time` for my event to be 2022/Dec/30.
As I tested, the furthest timestamp is 3 days from `now`, it’s 2022/Dec/23. And I can see my event in the Event Explorer.
Please help.



Best answer by Saish Redkar 20 December 2022, 19:42

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2 replies

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Hey @phung.nguyen 

Yes, I believe that is true when using the HTTP API ingestion route.

I did a bit of testing on my end and I was able to set the “time” to any future timestamp and successfully ingested those events. I tried 2-7 days, a month and 5 month in the future from today.

Here’s what I found :

  • You can see these events only in the User and Account Lookup section in the following manner


  • However, the Event Stream for the user will only show events upto the next 3 days in the order of ingestion. So, I wasn’t able to see the events which had timestamp of after Dec 23rd.


Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot, @Saish Redkar !