Overcoming 30 items limit in funnel

  • 21 February 2022
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I work with language learning app and now struggle with our long-term funnels. As I understand, Amplitude has a limit of 30 items (events) in funnel, but now I need to find out conversion to 40th and 100th lesson started in our app. 

We do not “count” the order of a particular lesson with properties, so we cannot start with lesson = 30 event. 

Is there any way we can overcome that with custom formulas?


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4 replies

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Hey @Oleksandra Mishchenko 

Currently I don’t see a direct way to get over the 30 event limitation in a funnel.

I’m assuming that you are you tracking the lesson number as an event property?

There is a post which talks about a similar issue, but that one is more related when the order is important.


One farfetched approach I could think of is to try using custom events to see if combining a group of event completion for certain lessons helps your use case.

Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly.


Hi @Saish Redkar !


Thank you for your reply. 

No, we do not track lesson number, unfortunately. 

I had seen the question you referenced, but it is not of use for us. 


Nevertheless, thank you, I got it that the only way out is custom events. 

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@Oleksandra Mishchenko Hello! Thanks for your question and happy to help!

At the moment, the best option to use to achieve your desired analysis would be to use custom event to group together multiple steps into one event that can then be applied on the funnel chart.


If this does not meet the needs of your desired analysis, I am happy to file a feature request in your behalf! Kindly let me know if you’d like me to do so!


I hope this helps!




Hello @Jacenda Davis !

Thank you for the follow up. 


Custom events, unfortunately, will not cover our analytics retrospectively which is what we need now. We will keep that in mind, though.