Multi-tenancy support for session tracking

  • 20 October 2022
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Hi All, 

In my application, a user can be associated with different tenants (for example lets say societies or apartments). Now I need to track his/her session and events differently with different tenants.

Lets say, he is in society-abc for now and his session and events are being tracked. Now he goes to the profile section in the app and changes the society to xyz, now the events should be tracked separately because we need analysis of how much time users spent and other parameters in society abc and xyz.

Is there any way we can implement this in ampliude? 


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Hi! The way this is usually done is by setting the “current society” as a user property each time they change society - then all events tracked with that society selected will have that user property associated with them. A snapshot is taken of the user properties at the time each event is tracked and can be used to filter the event in the where section in the same way as any other property.