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  • 8 February 2021
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The definition of Saved segment is quite limited, for example it is not possible to:

  • Exclude users who performed an action
  • Filter events based on their parameters (and not just the event name)

Is there any workaround?




Best answer by Saish Redkar 8 February 2021, 18:12

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6 replies

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Hey @JoeKDoe 

  1. The “Exclude users who performed an action” is something which can be easily done using behavioral cohorts. This isn’t possible using Saved Segments.
  2. When you say “Filter events based on their parameters” , do you mean that you want to build a segment for users who performed an event and select a specific event property for that event? If that’s the case, then it’s possible. 

 Most of the limitations of saved segments can be addressed using behavioral cohorts, which I just realized isn’t available on Amplitude’s Free Plan ( Platform Specialists, correct me if I’m wrong here) 

Hope this helps!


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For #1. 

As @Saish Redkar stated, this is possible with Behavioral Cohorts quite easily. A possible workaround for excluding users would be to filter for users “who performed” X event < 1 time. Here is an example:

Filtering for users “who performed X event” < 1 time

For #2. 

Saish has a great approach to “filter events based on their parameters” which is possible as he has mentioned!


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That’s a nice workaround ⚡  for #1. I almost missed the fact that we can still use the < , > operators to achieve that.

Do you see any edge cases cropping up if we use the = 0  vs < 1 clause for excluding users who performed event X ? They both seem to align logically as expected as seen here - 

Thanks! :relaxed:

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Hi @Saish Redkar, using “= 0” vs “< 1” should effectively behave the same for this type of analysis!


Regarding #2: I have a free plan and don’t see this option (to build a segment for users who performed an event and select a specific event property for that event). Is it available only for Pro plan?

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Hi @mqklin - yes, that’s a feature only available for our Growth or Enterprise plans! Have you checked out our Scholarship plan? You might be able to qualify and get access to these features: