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  • 3 March 2023
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I have a question about defines events for web and mobile when the event exists on both platforms. 



Out company has a mobile and web app. Most of the features we offer exists on both platforms. Right now, web is almost fully instrumented in Amplitude, but mobile is not. I am in the process of identifying the events for mobile and adding them to Amplitude for instrumentation. 



  1. Instead of creating unique events for mobile, I would like to use the same event (when it exists on all platforms). We’ll easily be able to filter using source or platforms. Is this advised? Or do people generally recommend unique events for mobile and web?
  2. If I use the same events, but add the mobile SDKs are a source, the events will show as live regardless of whether they were implemented correctly. Any strategies for debugging live events that you add new sources to?

Thanks! I appreciate any feedback people have that have gone through similar event implementations. 


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Hey @wlaubernds 

Ideally it’s a good practice to send events from web and mobile to separate Amplitude projects if the user experience is different for both platforms.

  1. You can definitely share the naming of the events between web and mobile and can identify the source either from the SDK’s Platform property or a custom property if needed.
  2. Ideally, this data control will be possible via some of the Amplitude Data features. You can go through that or try firing events from your mobile app and do a realtime debugging using the Event Explorer

Hope this helps.



Thanks @Saish Redkar ! 

When we were setting up Amplitude initially we were advised against setting up unique projects for web and mobile - specifically because the same users use both platforms in conjunction with one another. 


I’ll need to keep digging in. Would love to hear others suggestions too if people have any additional experience.