missing user id on events

  • 8 September 2023
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We use the Ampl CLI to instrument tracking code in our javascript app.

We call 

ampli.identify(, {

when the user logs in with our own user IDs.

In the Amplitude dashboard, In user look-up, I can see that our user IDs are making it through and have events associated with them:

But if I look at an event from the event stream for that user, I see that the User ID field is blank on the user:


It seems that for every single event we’ve recorded, the event does not have the user ID attached, and we’re unable to perform any analyse that require filtering, selecting, grouping etc by user id. 

I suppose we could add our user IDs as an event property on each event, but that seems redundant when ‘User ID’ is available as a user property. How can we properly associate events with users?

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