Missing of a Username in the Output Analytics

  • 26 October 2022
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I am a new user to Amplitude. I’m having a KPI called “Daily Active User Tracking”. This KPI is to track the DAUs of our company’s product. I have searched for a name who have used the product last year, I wasn’t able to get his statistics (name itself not found). Despite I have modified the dates too, but still name is not found. Why it is so? Where is the problem getting raised - whether in the data part or in some other part?


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3 replies

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Hey @Mithra B 

What are you using as your user ID? Is it the user email or a UUID?

You can search for specific users in the user lookup as explained here.

If you still can’t find that user via user lookup, then most likely Amplitude didn’t ingest any data for that user yet.




UUID is the one that’s visible under the “inspect” part of anaytics graph. Instead of that UUID, can’t we make the user names/ mail id’s to get visible over there? 


This question arised for me because, if we want to see for the history of a single user means, we shall go to user look up. But if it’s required for more than 100 users means, we couldn’t be able to go and search like that right! So in this only I got stuck with.

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That isn’t possible currently. The UI will show only the user_id which you are setting for your users in Inspect → User Streams.
However, this is possible only if you have set the username/ user email as your user_id ( which isn’t a best practice out there )