Is It Possible to Transfer a Project to Another Org?

  • 7 August 2023
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Hi Amplitude Community, 

Amplitude considers different organizations to be separate entities, and so there isn't any out-of-the-box way to 'transfer' data from one entity to another (with a click of a button), unfortunately. However, it is possible for you to:

1) export all data from the desired Projects via Export API or any data warehouse connections

2) complete a self backfill into your new Project in the desired Organization
Please note that the backfilled data will be counted towards your org volume limit. At this point in time, this transfer only applies to raw data, not to any content (e.g. charts, dashboards). 

If you are looking to move projects from US org to EU org, please reach out to your Account Manager at Amplitude to learn more about your options. 


Amplitude Team

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