Is it possible to group events by properties that are updated after the event?

  • 10 March 2023
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In our web app, we trigger a sign-up event the moment a new user signs up. After they sign-up, the user’s properties may get updated as they continue on in our app, for example by filling in their profile information according to what job role they do, which calls a user property update to add these details into amplitude. 


I want to create a chart that groups sign-ups by job role (which is only updated after the sign-up event is sent). Is this possible?


Our charts can’t seem to do this group by. Everyone’s property is set to (none)—I’m assuming because the property update is only after the event. Any solutions?


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Hi @hypotato 

You are correct. Since Amplitude is an events based platform, your signup event won’t have the job role property due to your update scenario. So using group by on sign up event will give you none values in your event seg chart.
If the user properties keep getting updated across events at random, it becomes a tough situation to use group by on those user properties via event seg chart.

One solution would be to use the User Composition chart for your job role property with the Most Recent Value metric. This will show the composition of this property’s value, which will be picked from a user's most recent active event. Here’s a demo chart.

So essentially you will be able to see the values of all those user’s whose profile information has been updated with the job role property during the selected time interval.
For user’s who didn’t get their property update yet, they will be clubbed under none value.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Saish.


I’m trying to get a conversion funnel working where the first event is sign up, and lets say the second event is X.

I want to group them by their job profile so I can get a sense of their conversion rates based on their job profiles.

Is there any way I can do this?

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Thanks for following up @hypotato and sorry we missed this. You can leverage the group by functionality outlined in this post. 


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Ideally for accurate results,you would need an event which definitely has the job profile property set before using in funnel ( lets say eventA). So the sign up one might not be the best candidate since you mentioned the job profile gets updated after this event. Or you could just use any active event with job_profile not being none for simplicity sake.

Assuming eventA is step1 and the step2 for your conversion funnel is eventB, you can use the group by on your job_profile property

Hope this helps.