Invoca Integration via Custom Webhook

  • 21 December 2021
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Has anyone used a custom webhook to send Invoca events to Amplitude? I’m trying to track calls and telesales and not sure if that’s possible with Amplitude. I’m thinking I just need to have my dev team send the device_id to Invoca to make it happen. 


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2 replies

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Update: I was able to implement this without using dev resource. Thought I’d share what I did in case it helps anyone else out. 

  1. Go to Marketing Data in Invoca and add a variable for Amplitude Device ID. I labeled it device_id. 
  2. Navigate to your Invoca tag. Update the “Data Source Type” column for the variable you just created to JS Data Layer. In the “Data Source Name” column, I entered amplitude.getInstance().options.deviceId. This will pull the Amplitude device id of the user, which is needed for the webhook (either user ID or device ID is needed). As an FYI, we use the Amplitude SDK on our site.
  3. Now it’s time to create the webhooks! I created a pre-transfer webhook to track calls, and a post-call webhook for telesales. In both, I am using the POST url For content type, I selected JSON. Here’s my Invoca Call webhook setup:


Both webhooks are almost identical in set up. The Telesale webhook includes order ID in the json and under firing conditions, we are only firing it off the Telesale signal we created. It seems like the webhooks are working as expected. The only failures occurring are when calls/Telesales are coming from the number overflow pool - not sure if there’s a way around that. 


Hope this helps someone!

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Hi @SheenaGreen ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community and great to see you here :wave:

I absolutely love your post and that you circled back around with what worked for you as a solution! Thank you so much for contributing to the Amplitude Community and I’m sure a fellow future Amplitude user would benefit what you shared :heart_eyes: