Insanely Long Sessions

  • 16 November 2023
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Hello, some users are logging crazy amounts of hours on our Flutter app. For example, one user has a session that’s lasted whole day. Incredible, right?

Well, on our side, we believe that the issue could be because of any of the reasons:
1. We have not implemented the Amplitude functionality on our platform as needed.
2. The Amplitude Flutter SDK that we are using, which is a wrapper of the Amplitude Android and Amplitude iOS SDKs, is buggy.
3. We have other conflicting tools.

On the first and third reasons, we have raised the following GitHub issue sharing the way we implement it in our Flutter app, and it could be a reference for your engineers to tell us if we are doing something wrong or not.

On the second reason, the resolution would be bringing this issue to the attention of the engineers who merge pull requests and who pay attention to the SDK.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and what could be the solution. Kindly engage me below if you have any insights as to what could be happening.

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