How to set trackingSessionEvents

  • 14 March 2023
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We are planning to introduce Amplitude to our app service and have some questions regarding the configuration. We are having trouble with the 'trackingSessionEvents' setting.

According to the documentation[link], the 'trackingSessionEvents' property of the configuration object is set to false. However, the default initializer for the configuration object in the SDK has the 'trackingSessionEvents' property set to true.

Firstly, we would like to know why there is a discrepancy between the two documents.

Secondly, we do not want to set up our own session for our app, but instead apply the default Amplitude session (5 minutes). What value should we set to achieve this?

Thank you in advance for your response


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3 replies

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Thanks for reaching out here @Sean I’m going to send this to our documentation team who can take a closer look. 

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Hello @Sean happy to help!

I had a look at the documentation that was linked, but when I had a look the default value for trackingSessionEvents is set to true. Is there somewhere else we should be looking?


The default time between sessions is actually 30 minutes for the iOS SDK linked within this post. However, you can do one of the following:

  1. Configure the session length on your end:
  2. Use the custom session app within the Amplitude UI:

Hi @eddie.gaona, Thanks for your reply.

It was shown as 'false' when I posted the inquiry. It seems that the document was updated in the meantime. 

I understand the defalut value is ‘true’ now!