How to get event and segment name for data tables using REST API

  • 21 November 2022
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I’m using this dashboard REST API to export a data table. The endpoint returns the values and the row labels but not the column labels (ie. the event names and segment names). It instead contains a 'valuesMetadata' entry that’s a list of objects with ‘metricIndex’, ‘segmentIndex’ which have integer values 0, 1, …
Is there a way to get the metric name and segment name from these indexes. The indexes don’t seem related to any global ID as they always start from 0 irrespective of the events chosen in the data table.

2 replies

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thank you for your patience! I just got an update on this: 


Hi @zhenia , metricIndex, segmentIndex corresponds to the index of the metric, segment in the table, respectively:


Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 4.32.54 AM

Hope this helps! 






Thanks for the update Zhenia. I understand that the index are in the same order as seen in the table/chart, but is there a way to get these names through the API? Given a chart ID the API returns the data inside the table but there’s no way of programatically finding the event and segment names - the table headers.
Is there any other API I can use to get the names “All Users”, “United States”, “Any Event”, “New User”, “Any Active Event”?