How to get data to Zapier or other automation tools alike?

  • 7 February 2023
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I’m trying to integrate Amplitude with Zapier / make or other tools alike. I’d like to once a day capture results from my charts, and process them with automation tools like Zapier. Has anyone done anything like it? Do you know if I could find any tutorials about it?


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Hey @WebWave 

Looks like you are trying to create a Zap based on results from an Amplitude chart?

I couldn’t find any native integration of Amplitude and Zapier, although there are many custom third party apps which can do this I believe.

The easiest solution which comes to my mind is to use the Dashboard REST API for getting datapoints from your existing chart ( or creating one on the fly) and then posting these results to the suitable Zapier endpoint.

Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly here. Hope this helps.

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Agree with @Saish Redkar - but if you want to go completely no-code, it might be a good option to connect amplitude to google sheets ( and then connect google sheets to Zapier (

@Saish Redkar Thank you very much for your effort. Yet it’s hard for me to create API calls, and I’d rather use some no-code solution. That’s right that’s Zapier does not have any integration with Amplitude, but I’ve found that Make has one. I’ve been trying to run it for last couple of hours but with only moderate success.

@timothy-permutable That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. But I need it to happen automatically once a day. And this browser extension can only do this on demand.

Does anyone know, how to get data from Amplitude to spreadsheet via Make?

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Thanks for suggesting the alternate route, @timothy-permutable.

@WebWave I haven’t used Make before, but here’s what their website gives me when I combine Amplitude<>Sheets in their integrations


Not sure if you already ran into this one.