How is time to convert calculated?

  • 20 July 2023
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We are wondering how time to convert is calculated, i.e. is the first step 1 event taken as start point or the last?  



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Hi @Gerrit Mewes. Imagine a simple scenario where you have Event A and Event B for your funnel...for a given user, Amplitude should take the timestamp of the first occurrence of Event A (within your selected timeframe) and the first occurrence Event B fires (within your timeframe and chosen lookback window), the duration between the the two timestamps will be your “time to convert”. Then the system will summarise this with the bucketed distributions and summary stats (Mean/ Median).

This should give further info on Time to Convert and other parts of the Funnel charts:,%20displaying%20the%20data%20as%20a%20histogram.

@dangrainger Then, if a user has engaged in Event A and Event B multiple times, does the 'time to convert' refer to the time interval between the first occurrence of Event A and the first occurrence of Event B within timeframe?