How do you track custom url parameters through Amplitude?

  • 24 February 2023
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We wish to track our own custom parameters.

For example:

In the case of a user entering the website for the first time through this url “”


Amplitude would capture utm_source, which is “foo”, as his initial_utm_source. But wouldn’t capture ad_id=bar at all.


How can we setup Amplitude in a way that ad_id gets captured as well as initial_ad_id gets set.


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2 replies

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Thanks for this question @edwinsevlaraj. I found this thread with some additional details to help. Keep us posted as you make progress. 


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Hey @edwinsevlaraj 
Here are the parameters which are supported via utm tracking

I’m not quite sure if you can map anyone of the above to your custom ad_id or use the Attribution API.

Another approach would be to extract this id using a derived property on your captured page url ( if you are capturing this one ) and use this for charting.

Hope this helps.