How debug when graph doesn't load?

  • 13 August 2021
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Hi folk :metal: ,

Recently, I notice that for any reasons for some of my graphs, data aren’t loaded for the last 7 days tab.

I can’t explain why and I would like to know if you have any clue about debugging such situation.

What I did:
- Check if data for related event was correctly send to amplitude (via network tab in the browser web console)
- Since everything look okay I played with other tab (different durations) and everything look okay as well.
- Check if it’s a pricing issue since I’m running into the free version at the moment, but again here, didn’t see any mention about that kind of limitation.


So here I’m stuck, not able to see my last 7 days data which is super annoying regarde our growth strategy who need to be tested every weeks.


Does anyone have a clue ?

Thanks in advance for your time & help.


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Hi Kev,

I replied to you separately in a ticket.  We can continue the conversation there.