How can you integrate Google Tag Manager with Amplitude?

  • 3 March 2023
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We have a template to guide you as you integrate Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Amplitude. This re-implementation work often requires you to work with your dev team to codify the data layer elements into the tag-management system. Our template ensures that you can reuse all of the data-layer creation work and data object management work to pass data into Amplitude.

GTM client-side and server-side templates execute the tracking plan differently. The setup involves using client-side templates to track user interactions on a website, while server-side templates are used to track sensitive information or complex tags. 

Note: There are now two client-side GTM templates; the legacy template is for Java Script, and the new Browser SDK template includes JavaScript and adds Marketing Analytics new features on top of the legacy SDK.

At a high level, you (1) Install the template, (2) Create a tag, and (3) Check for success. Follow along using our quick start guide in our Developer Docs and this quick video below that details how to configure the Google Tag Manager template.


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