Get 400 error using GTM

  • 20 September 2023
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Hi there!

I have set up event tracking using GTM Amplitude Analytics Browser SDK for my DEV environment. And it works well.

But then i imported all tags to another GTM container which is connected to my PREPROD environment. And i set up the correct API key for the project. But i don’t get events in the User look-up. In the ingestion debugger, i see 400 errors, but tracking tags work well - i see correct events in the Amplitude Chrome extension. What is the reason? Why do i get 400 errors?


1 reply

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Did you check that you’ve broken out everything 100% including the dev and preprod Initalization tag triggers, the dev and preprod API keys are different, the dev and preprod tag triggers are different. Did all the tags copy over into the preprod container correctly?

Also just curious, how did you instrument your previous page event property?