Freemarker syntax for accessing item in array

  • 30 November 2023
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I am trying to create a custom payload for my Webhook destination. The input event payload has an array of items and I always want to access fields in the first item of the array. I am able to successfully test the connection if I only access the first item of the array, but when I try to access properties within that item, I get a configuration error.



Leads to the error below

There was an issue with sending your test event.
Invalid payload or configuration.




does not lead to any errors. This suggests that accessing the item using the index works correctly, but I can’t find any documentation out there on how to access the properties within that item.


For reference, this is the input event. I redacted some private information. This is an integration between RevenueCat and Amplitude, I need to forward some of this info to another service (Singular) which Amplitude does not have an integration for.

"api_key": <redacted>,
"events": [
"event_properties": {
"aliases": [
"app_id": <redacted>,
"app_user_id": <redacted>,
"cancel_reason": "UNSUBSCRIBE",
"currency": "USD",
"entitlement_id": null,
"entitlement_ids": [
"environment": "SANDBOX",
"expiration_at": "2023-11-30T17:02:04Z",
"original_app_user_id": <redacted>,
"original_transaction_id": <redacted>,
"period_type": "NORMAL",
"presented_offering_id": null,
"product_id": <redacted>,
"purchased_at": "2023-11-30T16:02:04Z",
"revenue": 0,
"store": "APP_STORE",
"subscriber_attributes": {
"$fbAnonId": <redacted>,
"$idfa": <redacted>,
"$idfv": <redacted>,
"$ip": <redacted>,
"$onesignalId": <redacted>,
"$onesignalUserId": <redacted>
"transaction_id": <redacted>
"event_type": "cancellation_event",
"insert_id": <redacted>,
"partner_id": "revenuecat",
"platform": "iOS",
"productId": <redacted>,
"revenue": 0,
"time": 1701360394149,
"user_id": <redacted>,
"user_properties": {
"rc_subscription_status": "cancelled"
"options": {
"min_id_length": 5


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