Finding the (raw) data for a specific event matching an event property

  • 13 December 2022
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It seems like there would be an easy to to find the data for a specific event, where the properties for the event are defined in the segmentation chart above. 



I have an event called “points_transaction” where the property transaction_source can be from various sources (A, B, C, D, E...). 

I am trying to find the (raw) data for an event where transaction_source = “B”, but I might be doing it the hard way. 

  1. Create a segmentation chart
  2. Click a point on the graph
  3. Select “View User Streams”
  4. Pick any user
  5. Filter by event = “points_transaction”
    1. It's not possible to filter for an event + property (where source = “B”), so finding the specific transaction I’m looking for can take a while as I go through them one at a time, looking for source = “B” 
  6. Look at the event properties and note the time stamp for the desired event. 
  7. Click user lookup in top right
  8. Find the event again on the user’s event stream under user lookup. 
  9. Switch event details view from “Info” to “Raw” to view the raw event data. 

Thanks for your ideas/recommendations. 







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hi @Anthony -- at the moment, what you’ve outlined above is the best way to find the raw data for an event where its event property equals a specific value. It’s quite tedious, but this is how I go about finding this type of information myself. To have the ability to filter for an event with a specific value for an event/user property within a user’s event stream would be super valuable! Would you please submit this idea as a feature request here (“Idea”) so it’s on product’s radar? I really think a lot of customers would benefit from this functionality!

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OK! Thanks. Posted into Ideas: