Facebook Audiencie Integration - Low match using Device ID + Country + City


Hey there, Amplitude community.


I'm trying to use Amplitude cohorts to create audiences on Facebook Ads Manager, but I'm getting a bad match.


The use here is for non logged users that doesn't have an account yet - so there's not much valuable data from them to get a good match (like Phone number + Email, which we use for logged users and gives us a match of +75%)


I'm curious to know if anyone could get a good match using the Device ID Datapoint as a good source of match with audiences? While discussing with the engineer team it seems that facebook actually use a different ID (FBID) to make this match, so it really seems like not a use case.


Anyone had success with build audiences with Amplitude's Device ID on Facebook? If so, what workaround were needed?


Appreciate any help in this topic!





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Hi @Felipe5A,

While you can use Facebook keys that are not specific to an individual user—like "country," for example—you must send at least one uniquely identifiable key (like email or device ID) to Amplitude in order for this integration to work. Device ID is a valid property that you are able to utilize for mapping users, but we cannot guarantee a specific match rate because we are not in control of the values that you are attempting to match users against.

You can map Facebook Keys to Amplitude Keys in your project’s Destination settings

You would need to ensure that your values can be matched on both ends. The more properties you pass over, the higher the match rate you should expect to see.

Hope this helps! 


Hey, @jarren.patao 


Thanks for the reply. 

I was using the Country and City as secondary datapoints just to optimize the match - Device ID was the big bet here. I think my main point was: Is the Device ID a valid property accepted by Facebook in order to build audiences?

I know there's 'Device ID' on both tools key mapping, but I want to know if I'm missing any steps in making both speak the same language - as of only linking Amplitude's Device ID to Facebook's Device ID Key, it seems that it's not getting any matches at all (to demonstrate, I'm using a cohort with +650k users, so getting >1000 tells me it's not working).


Anyway, I'm curious to know if any other customers could build a relevant audience on facebook with an acceptable match % using only Device IDs.



We’re thinking about integrating Amplitude with Facebook Ads in our implementation. I’d like to make sure I understand the variables correctly before investing engineering effort. Could you provide some documentation on what the Facebook’s Keys are exactly? E.g. the Device Id used in this case - is it IDFA/advertising_id or is it something else, e.g. Facebook’s User Id?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @mkrainski, I hope all is well. :relaxed:  Thanks for these questions. Somehow we missed them! I’m looping in platform specialist @ning.chang, who can take a closer look if needed. 

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Hi @mkrainski! Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge on what Facebook’s keys are exactly. You might want to reach out to Facebook Support to gain clarity on that.