Facebook ads Cohort sync error

  • 19 April 2023
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Hello All,

I am having a connection error when synchronising a cohort with Facebook Ads.

I have carefully read and explored the Facebook manager pages and could not find anything on this subject.
I have seen in the Amplitude documentation that it is a common error but could not find any solution to this problem.

NB: I have Admin rights on both the Amplitude and the Facebook Account.

Thanks for your help,


2 replies

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Hi @Maxime Sabran thanks for the heads up and apologies for the delayed reply. I’ve asked our tech support team to look into this. in the meantime, do you mind also double-checking the three most common issues mentioned at the end of this article? A lot of times this error comes down to a permissions issue coming from the right account type. 

Hello, @Esther Trapadoux 

I also found same error while connecting to Facebook Ads.

I’ve accepted ToS with my personal account (which has businnes account access), but error like this has been popped up.

: It just means “Error Occurred”


I’ve also found 3 common issues in  this article, but couldn’t find why.