Does App Install numbers include non opt-in users?


I’m wondering if the App Install numbers on Amplitude include those who have not opted-in on iOS. 


Best answer by Matrak 30 May 2023, 18:01

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Hello Abhi,

I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that they are included!
In Europe, the opt-outs data is very restricted but still collected (it is anonymised, some personal data are not collected at all etc…) in order to respect GDPR.

There are two ways you can check whether they are collected or not:

  • If you have a user property allowing you to track the opt-in/opt-out status of your users, group by your Install App event with the said property. If it shows only opt-in users, the opt-outs’ downloads are not collected. 
  • You can cross your Amplitude App Install amount with the App Store amounts (if your application is downloadable there on iOS) as I believe the App Store collects it all. It’s pretty easy to find with a dev account on App Store Connect. If you find a similar or the exact same amount: the opt-outs’ download surely are collected.

However, I am not sure as I don’t use App Install 🤐 It’s a case of trial and error! 

Have a nice day 


Thanks Matrak. 

I checked on the App Store data and the amount there is 30-40% higher than what is reported on Amplitude. I guess that means Amplitude is not collecting app install data of opted-out users. 

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@Abhi Lamba that’s right, if a customer sets optOut to true like this example, no events will be sent to Amplitude. So there is not a ready-to-use way to get the percent number.

However, one workaround is that, the customer could send an OptOut event once a user selected to be opt out. And then the customer can get the result based on that event. 

@Matrak appreciate you jumping in here 😊