Disable tracking for specific group of users (i.e. by country)

  • 10 November 2023
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Hello, everyone! I'm trying to reduce the number of MTUs by disabling the ability to send events for users from some countries. Maybe someone has already done this? I'm interested in how exactly you did it. From the SDK or web console side?


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Hi @Alexandr Gor 

You can disable tracking for the country property in the SDK, but I don’t think selective country filtering is possible on the SDK side on the user level.

Block filters are helpful, but you can block this only on the event level using IP address.

If you have a list of spammy user ids, then Amplitude Support Team can enable blocking future events from these on their backend. But not sure if they can enable this using the specific country value.

The only other option is to have your instrumentation code do some country value check before logging these events to Amplitude.