Creating Custom Event Properties

  • 15 July 2021
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Hi, I wanted to know if it is possible to create custom event properties on top of already existing event properties? We have created custom events (eg: Event C = Either Event A or Event B) in the past, I was wondering if we could do soemthing similar with event properties (eg: Property C = concatenate Property A, ‘-’, Property B), or is it something that we’ll have to send as a new event property?


Thank you.


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2 replies

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Hey @jj41 ,

Looks like this is something which can be done using the Derived Properties feature. I haven’t personally used it yet though.

However, as the doc mentions they are currently in a limited release phase and are only available to select customers who have purchased the Govern add-on .


Hope this helps!

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Hello @jj41,


As @Saish Redkar has mentioned Derived Properties is the feature you are looking for. You will be able to use a CONCAT function that will allow the creation of a property based on already existing properties.


You can find more information in the documentation, here.