Cohorts from Groups

  • 21 March 2024
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Hi - I am in a situation where users can be a part of multiple groups (similar to Notion or Slack), and I’d like to create cohorts relative to group performance (say for example a workspace had this amount of usage in the last 7 days and I want to contact specifically the workspace admin of that group) is this possible?

That way I can target high intent workspaces and the people that have management influence over that workspace.



3 replies

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Hi @Brandon Fan 

Scenarios where usage needs to be analyzed in terms of groups, rather than users can be tracked using the accounts-add on.

Are you capturing some sort of a group_id on your events?

Yes - I am. I’m doing group identification. That is fine for generic things like how many worksapces are active. However, I can’t even do a simple analysis of how many workspace admins are there and does that impact the activity of the workspace? Since amplitude doesn’t keep track of relationship attributes.

The core problem is that users can be a part of multiple workspaces - it doesn’t seem correct to do something similar to this where you have a user property of manage. Instead users can have a variety of different roles depending on their workspace and their permission levels.


Any ideas? 


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Hi @Brandon Fan 

I think you can use the distinct values clause to see how many users are part of different workspaces or admin roles using the ids or role type property, whichever is applicable