client upload time is not device local time

  • 15 March 2023
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As I understand via above links.

Device Time can be incorrect and “Server Received Time - Client Upload Time” can be assumed as approximate difference between device time and real time.

Thus, Event Time(Client Event Time + Server Received Time - Client Upload Time) is used on Dashboard.

But, in my case, I used React Native SDK, and changed device(android real device) time. and install my app, and send data.



Client Event Time is based on device time, but, Client Upload Time is based on real time. (There is no offline status)

Then, event is misrepresented on chart by device local time not real time.

How can I see chart based real time?


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Thanks for reaching out here @junghwan kim Were you able to make progress? This guide to real-time analytics has some good guidance. This question might help too. 

Let me know if this helps!