Can't see any events / users data on amplitude

  • 16 March 2023
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I’ve integrated Amplitude via the Marketing Browser JS SDK on the website.

I also turned on the default tracking events.

But I can’t seem to see any data on amplitude.  Meanwhile, the ingestion debugger looks fine



Any thoughts?

1 reply

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Hi @Marc Messer,

It looks like the Identify calls with user properties are coming in fine, but I’m not seeing any Events get sent.  If you look at the chart on the right side, the blue bars that would show “Events” are missing.  While we are receiving the User Property calls, the User Property data needs an Event to attach itself to first for it to be available for queries in charts.

Can you please try double-checking the instrumentation of the default event tracking with the SDK and make sure it matches with our documentation?  It may also be worth double-checking to make sure the correct API key for your project is being used.

Please let us know if you’ve already checked this and we’ll find another way to look into this with you.  Thanks!