Can a unique user show up as multiple, when grouped

  • 25 September 2023
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If I have a simple segmentation, where I look at “Any Active Event”, measured as “Uniques”, and Group Segment by a user property that have changed during the period.

E.g. assume I only had 1 single user in my system, and one of the user properties changed during the month (From A to B). Would that single user show up as 1 user with user property A, and another user with user property B, during the same month?

Or would my 1 user, only show up, with the last user property.. (B)?


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Hi @Johnny Andersen. When a user property is updated it’s only forward-looking, i.e., from the event where the value changes and onwards. Historic events for that user aren’t retrospectively fitted with new user property values… your assumption is correct, 1 user could appear on 2 rows of values in a given timeframe.