Bug with configuring converter with S3 bucket

  • 21 October 2022
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I wanted to report a bug with the configure converter setup when using an Amazon S3 data source.

It appears that when you click on the buttons under “What type of data would you like to ingest?”, some other field mappings in the configuration get erased.

It seems that different field mappings get erased based on the different buttons that are selected, and thus this may indicate an issue with some attempted filtering process.

For an example, when we select User Properties, and switch between Manual and Guided setup, our event_type source field changes to “value($identify)” or “value($groupidentify)” (based on whether we select User Properties or Group Properties)

Has anybody else had a similar issue with this page? This may be a bug that requires reporting.



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Hi @ccreaser, this is currently an area of improvement that our product team is aware of and is working to alleviate this confusion. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I will try to reach back out here if this has been changed. Otherwise, you should be able to validate your saved converter settings with the Manual Setup for the moment.