Blocking events as per event property value

  • 7 June 2022
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Is it possible to block sending an event in amplitude when the condition of a custom event property value =x is met. For eg: block sending ‘application launch (event)’ when ‘app version( event property) =x’. In this case, ‘application launch' event should still get sent if ‘app version’ =’y’.

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3 replies

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Hey @kavithajayaram
I don’t think that is supported yet. From what I have seen in Govern, we can only block the entire event in itself or the property name alone and not by a specific value for that property. We had submitted a feature request on these lines couple of years ago.
You can have a look at Drop Filters , but don’t think this will answer your intended use case fully.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Saish for your response. Good to know a feature request is in place. Hope Amplitude team can pick it up. You are right, Drop filters seem mainly for scenarios where incorrect data has been loaded, which is a different use case. Thanks


Hello, was just checking if this feature request got addressed/ is planned to get addressed soon. We are so waiting for this feature to be available